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Natural stone - traditional, good quality material which is sought for its purity, look and endurance is becoming a popular architectural and building element suitable for manufacturing all sorts of products such as paving, tiles, steps/stairs, swimming pools, mosaics, windowsills, kitchen worktops, garden accessories, curbs, monuments and others.
We offer stone from domestic and foreign quarries, selected for their proven consistent high quality over the years. Our company provides a full service in processing natural stone for both individual clients and also for extensive, architecturally complicated projects. We supply the material, process and deliver it to the appropriate site.

Through its appearance, structure, colour and finish the natural stone not only influences the final look of the buildings but also enhances their architectural and structural value.


we offer a wide selection of different types of stone and wide range of products - from simple tiles to tailor-made products, from standard to exclusive finish. We also sell boards and partly completed products for further processing.

For WHOLESALERS building and business companies we provide

  • samples and catalogues
  • special deals on products we have in stock
  • delivery to the appropriate place
  • discounts for bulk purchase


give all available information about materials on offer, technical characteristics included, commissions for our partners for negotiating new sales.


we give professional advice with choosing the right material and realizing your ideas. We can supply you with price quote for your project.

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